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Hello there!
In a few days we are celebrating our wedding. 11 years.
We met when we where seventeen, a lifetime ago but I can clearly remember when I first sow him, he was so handsome <3 p="">For the first time we are going to have an anniversary party to celebrate 'us' and our love that keeps alive despite the everyday troubles.
The location will be our terrace and I've prepared some decoration I would like to hang up on the ceiling of the veranda.


These flowers are very simple. They are made of three circles of paper and I made a video to explain  how to make them,  you can find it on BoBunny IGTV.
Here are the BoBunny Double Dot cardstock I chose


I made a bunch of them and it took me a couple of hours to create 11 bunners


I love how they softly move, they are so relaxing!


This is just a work in progess. Be sure to visit my blog after the 5th of July - anniversary date - to see some pics of the party set up and if you make your own flower banners, don't forget to tag me. I would love to see yours!



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